Vogue Germany October 2023 Ruby O.Fee Matthias Schweighöfer

Couples on the cover of Vogue isn’t exactly new or groundbreaking. Throughout the history of the magazine, we’ve seen the likes of Cindy Crawford with (then-husband) Richard Gere and David and Victoria Beckham as joint cover stars. Need we also mention American Vogue‘s infamous Kimye cover? Ruby O. Fee and Matthias Schweighöfer become the latest couple to grace the magazine’s front cover together, with the unveiling of Vogue Germany’s October 2023 issue. Captured by Paul Wetherell and with Michael Philouze on styling duties, the German-Costa Rican actress and German actor cuddle up on a patch of grass, both gazing down Wetherall’s wearing Fendi (on Ruby) and Dior Men (on Matthias).


Members of our forums, however, weren’t so impressed with the end result. “Who?” asked oaklee91 the moment the cover came to light.
“Selena Gomez looks weird…” Xone pointed out.
“I suppose that they are relevant to a regular German reader, but despite that it’s an absolutely atrocious image for the cover of Vogue. But what’s another dud in a sea of uninspired issues,” stated aracic.
In addition, vogue28 wasn’t overjoyed at the sight of the cover either, writing: “All I see here is a cover photograph seemingly inspired by a still from the Twilight movie series! And how… insipid and dreadful. No clue who these two are, but as per usual with Vogue Germany, the cover is a total non-event.”
“It’s honestly so sad to see Vogue France/Italia/Spain/Germany completely lose their identity. I feel as though the others every now and then try to at least pretend they’re still Vogue, but the German edition has completely been forsaken,” echoed a disapproving marsnoop2.
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