Ashley Graham Vogue Germany September 2023

Condé Nast make zero attempt to hide the fact Vogue Germany is one of the forgotten Euro editions of Vogue, following the company’s new global shared content strategy and the magazine always feels like an afterthought – month after month, issue after issue. The magazine simply isn’t what it once was, and under the control(?) of head of editorial content Kerstin Weng, covers starring Nina Hoss, Lea Schüller, Selma Blair and Paloma Elsesser have flopped HARD throughout the past few months alone.
As a result, we weren’t exactly sat with bated breath as the magazine was set to unveil their September 2023 offering which has ultimately given us Ashley Graham. Shot by photographer Felicity Ingram, the world-renowned model who champions self-acceptance and body positivity on the regular, was captured upon the rocks of a sulfur water bath on location in Tuscany, Italy. In the full-length cover image, Ashley wears a sequined Valentino dress, chosen for the occasion by stylist Dena Giannini.


As to be expected, members of our forums weren’t so impressed. “This magazine used to be so edgy, now it’s just nothing,” sighed a disapproving matheus_s.
“Just blend them all into Vogue Europe with translated versions and be done with it. Granted Vogue Germany was never my fav edition, but everything just looks like the same issue with the same models same styling and same photography. The unique identity of each magazine is gone and it’s deeply saddening to see this,” voiced marsnoop2.
“If this is what it looks like to be ‘IN LOVE WITH FASHION’ then I’d rather choose to stay single. All the cover lines are all incredibly cheesy – like from a first semester marketing student at best,” laughed FiLeReD.
“I still don’t understand Ashley Graham’s success. This so amateur…” Kerg called out.
Also far from enthralled was zoom: “A miss for both Ashley and Felicity. Just let Graham selfie the whole cover/ed with her phone and the results would have been far better than this!”
“Are we in 2015?” asked Kimy Jo, suggesting Vogue Germany’s latest was dated.
Liberty33r1b declared the whole thing as “embarrassing” but do you agree?
See more of Ashley Graham as Vogue Germany’s September 2023 cover girl and share your thoughts, here.

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